Introduction: 3D Printed Beach Tennis Paddles + Source Files

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DIY 3D printed beach tennis set that you can fabricate yourself. It’s something every 3D printing fan should take to the beach!

You can use the attached STL files with any type of 3D printing software and print them on any 3D printer that you own.

For making this project we used our own ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer. All recommended settings are based on our experience.

Step 1: Source Files and Preparations

Unpack the source files. The pack includes three unique paddle designs to choose from (with a butterfly, flower, and a sky pattern), a handle (two parts that need to be joined together), and a ball. You can scale the files to modify the dimensions of the objects.

Custom dimensions of the objects:

  • Paddle diameter: 208 mm
  • Paddle thickness: 10 mm
  • Paddle + handle total height: 330 mm
  • Ball diameter: 40 mm

For 3D printing, you’ll need PLA or ABS filament for paddles and handles, and Flex filament for the ball (don’t use Semi Flex because the ball won’t be bouncy enough). You’ll also need three M4 screws for each paddle in order to attach the handles to them.

Step 2: 3D Printing

With the STL files that we provided, you can 3D print this design on any 3D printer that you own.

For the paddles and handles, we recommend using 5-10% infill setting so they’re not too heavy, 0.4 mm layer width and 0.2 mm layer height for the best quality of the print.

We also didn’t use brim, only a minimal support, and set the power raft to 3 in order to take the full advantage of ZMorph 2.0 SX worktable.

For the ball, you need to use a Flex filament, because Semi Flex won’t be enough for it to bounce. Set the infill for 8% with a Honeycomb 3D pattern.

Step 3: Having Fun!

Each handle needs to be attached to the paddle with three M4 screws. Once you do that, your 3D printed leisure set is ready to be taken to the beach or on a camping trip.

These 3D printed beach tennis paddles are perfect for a casual play with friends or with your kids. Using them give even more pleasure since you know that you made them yourself!


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