Introduction: 3D Printed Christmas Tree With Animations

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Hi makers,

We will enter 2019 in a few weeks. We know that everyone at Christmas wants to have a Christmas tree.

Step 1:

But this is sometimes not possible due to high prices. For this reason, as a i&Y team, we have decided to design a small Christmas tree for our precious makers. The dimensions will be 13 x 23 cm. If you want to enlarge it, you can do this from your printer settings. All drawings can be obtained from the links we have added. Without further words,


Step 2: What Will Be Need ?

This project have some equipments like electronics and printable parts. Firstly, sharing electronics;

- Arduino Uno

- 330 Ohm resistors

- 10 mm LED

- 5 mm LED

- 3 mm LED

- Pertinax

- Jumpers

Step 3:

Secondly, sharing 3D Printable Parts;

- We designed bough for tree different sizes. You can see on pics. And we draw bodies. And we draw a box for arduino and electronic circuit.

Step 4: And Lets Start to Make Project

Firstly, we are assemple box cover and big body part. Like in pics.

Step 5: Fritzing Design

We designed for tree a circuit. You will be LEDs on it.

Step 6: Bough Assembling With LEDs

Step 7: Happy New Year

Step 8: STL Files for 3D Printer

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