Introduction: 3D Printed Dust Collector

I built a very large dust collection system a while back for my shop with a large 6hp Shop Vac and two five gallon buckets. The system works well but it takes up a lot of space and makes a lot of noise. I had the collector connected to a hobby CNC and most of my projects are small; I needed a smaller dust collector.

A few months ago I gave in to the desire to build a 3D printer. The kits have gotten so inexpensive now they are almost common in workshops. I paid about $175 for the kit off of eBay. After a few evenings of assembly the kit was ready for use.

While perusing Thingiverse last week I saw some really cool 3D printed dust collectors and figured I had to give it a try.

This project could not be much easier. Just download the files, slice, and print. There are really only two parts to the collector, the third part is a hose adapter, and the fourth part is a mounting bracket. After printing the cone and separator just glue the two pieces together and you're done.

It works incredibly well with even a small vac. After printing this out I connected it to my small CNC and it worked as well as my massive system. The only downside is that it will fill faster, but...changing out a plastic soft drink bottle takes about 10 seconds compared to dumping out my 5 gallon buckets that were hard to get to and piped into my CNC enclosure.

The video shows the process of the build. Thanks for taking a look!

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