Introduction: 3D Printed Female Boba Fett

3D Printed 'Fettette'

This is a submission for a local Star Wars art show. I spent about 4 days customizing an existing 3D printed figure with Boba Fett gear. I already had a lot of the bounty hunting accessories from an earlier Star Wars project -

I added model paints and a bit of fabric, almost any 3D printer should be able to print the files that I used. I used an Afinia 479 printer.

Step 1:

The base figure is printed from a Quin model made by she is about the size of Barbie and is shown in the first image with her 'to Infinity' helmet and jetpack. The boots and gloved hands that I used are from the Quin 'to Infinity upgrade kit.

In my printer's software I merged the 3D model of Quin's head and a Boba Fett helmet from I needed the neck joint to be in the right spot so Quin's eyes didn't line up with the slot but I'll add smoked plastic to the eye slot later. You can see in the printed model that the printer software adds some removable support material, personally i like removing this stuff, you might need some small flat nosed pliers and a hobby knife. The final image shows the head/helmet with a base layer of paint and a smoked plastic visor that I cut from a cheap bottle.

Step 2: ​Test Fit

This is a jetpack that I created a while back with a few additions. The printer software allows you to save a new model but you cant really edit it later other than adding to it. I decided to trim the wings and add the side jets and missile make this more like Boba Fett's jetpack.

I glued a Quin handle to the boba gun and attached the stock a bit higher than normal so it can be held.

Boba's belt is a bit boring so I used Han Solo's buckles. I'm using a clamp in this pick to help the super glue to set, I glued small magnets to the ends so it can be removed or adjusted.

The poncho is a fabric sample that was trimmed down a bit and has a neck-sized hole near one of the corners so it hangs off of the shoulder.

Step 3:

These poses just sort of happen as you add things.

The trophy braids required learning how to braid. I used some material that Lei makers use here in Hawaii but cord could work in a pinch. more paint from some standard rattle cans. Trophy braids in place on right shoulder.

Step 4: Details

The breast plate is actually upside down from the way Boba Fett wears it I stretched the depth a bit in the software. I hand painted the little wheat logo on the breastplate as well as the skull image on the left shoulder, this Mythosaur skull is also on the jet pack and the base.

I made the jetpack from a lot of parts over several years so I don't have a particular model to point to (my printer saves the file as a proprietary format but let me know if you have an afinia and you'd like it) there are some great Boba Fett and Rocketeer jetpack models on thingiverse that should work out.

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