3D Printed Jack-O-Lantern

Introduction: 3D Printed Jack-O-Lantern

I really enjoyed making this 3D jack-o-lantern using the template provided here.  It was my first 3D printed object and I'm a complete novice, but I did have to rely on someone who was familiar with some of the basics to help me out.  I enjoyed this project because I was able to put the easy shapes onto the surface of the object and it didn't require a complex understanding of the design software.  

So, attached are a few photos of my 3D printed jack-o-lantern.  I just need a few LED tea lights to complete the look for Halloween.

Thanks y'all

Step 1: Download the Template

After setting up a 123Dapp.com account, you can download the file and the image below shows you how.

Step 2: Make the Shapes

I know this won't make a great Instructable, instead of doing all the steps, I just wanted to post my new creation.  I hope you enjoy!

Step 3: Print Your Jack-o-lantern

I hope you enjoy your new 3D printed jack-o-lantern like I have!

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