Introduction: 3D Printed Penguin Ornament

Here is my Christmas Penguin!

Step 1: Google Sketchup

I'm still a newbie to Google Sketchup and self taught, I was able to make a simple penguin ornament. I designed the penguin body, the belly, the eyes, the nose, and the hat as separate beings. Then placed them all together to form the whole penguin (the hat being totally separate).

Step 2: Cura

I brought all my stl files into cura and input all the settings (general settings). From there I did a dual extrusion merge and that is how I was able to make the penguin black and white! I did the hat on a separate print.

Step 3: Super Glue

Once the penguin and the hat were done, I took some super glue and stuck them together! Hope you like it!

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