Introduction: 3D Printed Skateboard Wheels (or Longboard)

So, in this instructable I will be showing/explaining how to 3D print your own wheels for a skateboard or longboard. These wheels are sized for a standard 22mm by 7mm skate bearing.

(Will display best on the website)


  • Access to a 3D printer.
  • (Is internet access a given?)

Step 1: Chose What Type of Board You Want to Use Them On

So, dependent on your board & riding style, you may wish to use different designs. I'd say to use whatever one you like the look of, but then again the big one is for longboards only.


You all are lucky, because you are able to use whatever ones you want.

Longboard specific-


So you will get to use choice A, or choice B. Either work.

Choice A

Choice B

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