Introduction: 3D Printed Stand With Hidden Compartment

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This is a simple stand that can be painted after printing. To open you need to push the special leg up and the door will fall off. To put it back on just make sure it is hooked to the holder.

Step 1: Get a Cad Software Such As Sketchup or Onshape(we Used Onshape).

Step 2: Start by Making 2 Circles That Are the Same Size.

In one of them, add four circles an equal distance apart. In the other one, offset the side.

Step 3: Extrude the Parts.

Extrude the large circle then 3 of the smaller circles in the first one downwards, then extrude the outer layer in the second circle. Then extrude the inner layer a small amount.

Step 4: Move the Un-extruded Smaller Circle to the Side.

You will need need to offset in into the center then extrude both sides. The outer layer should not exceed the inner one, which should be less than the outer layer of the second original circle. It should look like the picture.

Step 5: Create a Piece That Will Hold the Door in Place.

You will need to do this on one of the planes that are on the side so it can be extruded properly.

Step 6: Extrude the Piece You Made.

Once you extrude it, move it over to the stand you extruded earlier.

Step 7: Make a Piece That Will Hold the Extruded Claw.

When you make it, it needs to be bigger than the claw and have a slide for it to go into.

Step 8: Extrude the Holder and Move It Onto the Wall.

Step 9: Move the Door Away From the Wall So It Can Print Properly.

Step 10: Download and Convert the File Into an .STL File.

Step 11: Once You've Done That, Transfer the File to Whatever 3D Program You Use.

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