Introduction: 3D Printed Tablet, Phone, Watch, SDcard Stand & Charger

This tablet, phone, watch sd-card stand and charger is based on a standard usb charger and has the ability to charge up to 5 devices at the same time. 1 usb is equipped with Qualcomm fast-charge.

The design of the box is very basic and can easily be adjusted to be used with other usb chargers.

All parts are printed on a desktop FDM printer.

I included a standard watch mount and a mount for Garmin Fenix3 (it includes a cutout for the charging connector).

I do not have an Apple or android watch but if someone sends me picture and measures i will add a version with cutout for the charging connector.

Step 1: Design

The design is based on several existing designs i found online and was adjusted to my personal needs.

For instance the watch-connector, the addition of SD card storage, fast charge was important for me.

The design can be changed according to used power supplies of personal needs.

Step 2: Charger

I have used an aukey 5x charger which is widely available.

I used 5 very short USB micro cables (10-20cm) , there is not much room inside the box if you use long cables they won't fit.

Step 3: 3D Printed Parts

The design is extremely simple and can be printed on any FDM printer. the maximum width is 200mm so most printers will do.

It is designed to have very minimum of overhanging parts, nearly no support material is needed. Only the power-cable opening and clamps for the watch mount have some overhang.

Step 4: Assembly

There is no real assembly involved all parts slide easily into each other. No clue, screws or anything is needed.

Place the USB power in the box and connect the cables.

Step 5: Finished Product