3D Printed Vacuum Cleaner Handheld




Introduction: 3D Printed Vacuum Cleaner Handheld

Step 1: Acquire Your Parts

For this vacuum cleaner you will need some things and skills.

Look arround you, maybe you already got them in your house!

You will need:

A motor with minimum 5000 rpm, max. 10000 rpm. Why are 10.000 rpm max? Because your turbine is 3D printed, it wont be as stable as a solid cast. You have to treat fast spinning parts with caution, if your settings are wrong or your printer is not well calibrated it could probably shatter. So be careful!

Also an batterycase is needed. Depending on which voltage your motor takes, you have to calculate how much rpm you will get.

For switching off/on take some switches. It doesnt matter how they look, just take one you like.

Of course wires to connect everything.


Basic soldering skills

Step 2: 3D Print!

The files for 3D printing can be found here:


Now lets 3D print your parts. If you own an 3D printer, go ahead and print them yourself. If not, there is a great possibility called 3D Hubs.

Step 1: Upload your files

Go ahead and upload your files after you clicked "3D Print" on the Homepage.

Step 2: Select your material

If possible, use PP Material, this is very durable. If not, ABS works also fine.

Step 3: Select your shop and order!

Now select your favorite shop. Then proceed and order your items.

Step 3: Assemble

Sadly my 3D prints didnt arrive since today (24.06.16). Hopefully they will arrive soon. Then I can add some more pictures how this will look like. But I have some assembling pictures, how it should look like.

On thingiverse, I have named the parts with numbers. We will use those here to orientate.

First you glue part 9 and part 6 together. Use Expoy or A-B glue to to make it durable.

On file 4, you can see a hole in it. There you can put a switch in. One 3D printed part just arrived so I can show you how to assemble it. Part 7 got this triangle. There is our connector located. You can see it on the picture attached. Just glue part 8 in like showed and your are fine.

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    4 years ago

    Do you have any photos of the completed physical vacuum? This is such a cool idea, I'd love to see how it actually turned out!


    Reply 4 years ago


    thanks for your comment. I will definitely post the finish product. I just didnt not receive all parts from 3D hubs yet. Hope they will come before the contest ends.

    Kind regards