Introduction: 3D Printer Stand for Less Than $20.00

Here was the problem, I owned a 3D printer but the current stand that I had build took up too much space and was hard to get under and around. It too was a reclaimed materials project.

My husband had brought home a wooden cable spool that he thought he would used for the cats, sorry cats you lost out. And after looking at it for a few days, I hit upon an idea- since I needed a new 3d printer stand, this would be perfect.

Step 1: This Is Where I Started

With the spool, a few items from restore and some new wheels. I stained the wooden spool. Added the counter top from restore and some some pieces of 4x4 post left over from a rail project.

Step 2: And Ended Up With This- Here Are the Step by Step Instuctions

Thanks to my collection of wood flooring samples, plus a tile I found at the restore. Add the chrome, not sure what it was but I bent to it to fit. An awesome printer stand- still have some work to do, side note I added blocks on all corners of the printer to keep it from walking off. Going to finish up the top with some copper that I have and grout in between the wood as well.( posting this was an after though, so I did not do any step by step)


  1. Find a spool
  2. sand and stain (I did a light sanding, then used a all in one poly and stain
  3. Screwed the wheels to the bottom (total of 4)
  4. Cut 4 blocks (4x4) and stain- drill holes in those blocks.
  5. Found in the junk bin 4 long bolts with nuts.
  6. Drilled holes in top and in the spool to line up.- (this was a challenge)
  7. Mounted the top to the spool. Side note the white it the plastic that is used for drywall corners. Stapled it on to the bottom of the top.
  8. I love liquid nails - used this to glue all items to the top- after to cutting them to fit- more or less
  9. Soon I will finish it

Step 3: ENJOY

I also found the chrome what ever it was at restore (the bit around the bottom) and proceeded to bend the crud out of it. New plan is to sink copper pipe into the lower level and run heavy copper wire around it- like phone poles (will take pics if that works out)