Introduction: Using 3D Printers for Animal Rights Activism

The objective of this instructable is to help create awareness regarding the Animal Rights issue, help trigger change in consciousness, and by doing so, we can slowly help restore the respect and freedom non human animals deserve, and had before we arrived and started enslaving/exploiting them in the way we do today.

Because Information can trigger change in consciousness and the perception of reality, information is extremely valuable, and misinformation extremely dangerous.

By using low cost 3D printing technology, or even if you don't have a 3D printer, we can all take action and help create awareness: for example, joining us in by using cardboard or any other materials you have access to.

Step 1: Compassion Respect and Dignity

Please keep in mind that my intention of writing this instructables is not to offend or disrespect anyone, i just want to take advantage of the place and time and do something for the animals who are suffering. So please remember, this is about Compassion, Respect and Dignity.

Step 2: Target - Dead Bodies Everywhere

Supermarkets are displaying and selling dead mutilated animals, so they are a big part of the problem.

The idea is to 3D Print some R.I.P symbols and position them in front of every dead animal we can find, as a tool to get people thinking and debating the issue of animal rights. Hopefully this gesture will make people rethink what they are doing, instead of automatically putting the animal "product" in their shopping baskets without even thinking what the consequences of their actions will be.

Hopefully the symbols can provoke thought and debate.

Some examples of the places we can put the 3D R.I.P. symbols are: in front of sausage cans, packed animal flesh, tuna cans, leather clothes, etc.

Step 3: Why Should We Care

Animal Rights: All non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and their most basic interests - such as the need to avoid suffering.

Human health: Several scientific studies show that the consumption of "animal products" are associated with many human health problems, such as high cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis, colon and stomach cancer, and the list goes on an on.

The meat industry: Making profit on animals lives. By purchasing meat products, we are most likely paying for the next animal to be killed, feeding and perpetuating the industry and consequently the suffering and enslavement of animals.

Most people eat animals because of habit and tradition, not because they like killing the animals. Keep in mind that in a 100 years from now we are all going to be dead, so we should try our best, to do our best with the little time we have here on earth. In my opinion, killing 150 billion[1] water and land animals every year for profit, is not our best.

[1] -

Step 4: Symbolism - 3D Printed R.I.P Symbols

Death is the only certainty in life, so when we die, some of us are going to be buried in the ground, cremated, donated to science institution, and so on.

For the people being buried, most of them will have a tomb or a cross on their tombs.

To be honest i don't know the meaning of the cross on a tomb, i wasn't around when they started this tradition. But that is not important now, what is important is that most people associates it to the identification of the positioning of a dead person in the ground and also a symbol of respect.

Be Creative And Create Your Own Symbols

Step 5: Help Us Create Awareness and Debate

How can you help create awareness and debate:

- 3D print a R.I.P symbol you like ( 5 to 10 cents per symbol) (remember it has the potential of saving many animal lives)

- Leave the symbol in any place you find dead animals or dead animal remains (supermarkets, etc...)

- Take photos and publish on the social media with #3DRIPSYMBOLS

- Help in any way possible to spread awareness

Step 6: Disclamers

This instructable is entering the 3D printing competition as well as the meat contest (if it manages to pass). We are doing this in order to maximize visibility within 3D HUBS and all 3D printing press, to generate debate and awareness regarding animal rights.

If we win a prize in a contest (which is unlikely due to the simple nature of this instructable), we will sell the prize, and with the money, push it towards helping lives of animals (donating to the local animal shelter or local animal hospital) or an even better option that has not yet come to mind.

Participate and Start printing,

Tap into the hidden powers inside your 3D Printer

and change the world into a better place for all animals

humans and non humans

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