Introduction: 3D Printing a Chinese Character--世shi(人生一世life Journey)

The Chinese Character 世 /shi/ we chose means a lifetime. Everyone has his/her own unique lifetime, wonderful or lost, laugh or cry, people always move forward and be themselves. Based on this concept, we made a roller to represent that when time goes by people grows from childhood to oldness. We apply the image of a child holding a ball to present the happy-go-lucky childhood, the happy couples to present the youth, and an old man on canes to present the old age.

Step 1: 3D Modeling

With the theme of our design concept, we use 123d software to model the three scenarios. In order to present the lifetime journey looks like walking in a long road ,it was designed as the shape of a wheel. We did the structure of a rotating shaft for rending the effect of the life cycle.

Step 2: 3D Printing

Based on our original thoughts, the structure was complex and also there would be some moving parts, so we applied 3D printing to make it happen, since it has the advantage of rapid prototyping.

Step 3: Further Improvement

According to the 3D model and what we 3D Printing out, there’s a more interesting idea come out that the innovation work can be make out like a music box with the film about the colorful life.

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