Introduction: 3D Steampunk Goggles

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Didn't like the boring glasses you get at the movies....So I turned them into something better. This is how black ops or any 3D game should be played

Step 1: You Will Need

1: Pattern (You can get a great one from )

2: Sharp Knife

3: 3d glasses (just the lenses)

4: Pen

5: Scissors

6: 5 minute 2 part epoxy. (Sold at any hardware store) this is for rivets if you want them

7: Hot glue, or contact cement

8: Black paint, or the colors you want it.

9: Foam Sheet

10: Hole Punch (For the screw look)

11: Imagination

Step 2: Visual Learners

If you prefer to watch it, this is the video I watched

Step 3: Print and Cut

1: Print the pattern.

2: Cut it

3: Then trace it to the foam

4: Cut the pattern

Step 4: Glue the Pieces Together

Just take hot glue gun and put it together, the video will show exact steps

Step 5: Add Some Flare

Take that hold punch and make a bunch of pieces to add to look like screws. You can make whatever you want, but the screws look cool. I also used washers and furniture tacks

Step 6: Apply the Rivets

Get the 2 part epoxy. Just do a small amount it dries quickly. Take a toothpick or match and dot the epoxy where you want rivets.

Let it dry for a little while. Go make dinner, or stalk your ex-girlfriend on facebook. Man can't believe shes with that guy.... Anyway wash the cheetos off your hands, and let's get back to work.

Step 7: Make the Hitch at Back

Watch video at begining for this

Step 8: Time to Paint

Do your main color first. For this one I did silver and brown for the straps to make it look like leather and metal.

Let dry and watch some videos on youtube. Cats are always doing something stupid.....stupid cat, playing the can't play the piano...

Back to work

Step 9: Lets Do the Rub Paint

Take your paint

Put a little on a paper towel or spare foam or paper plate.

Get it to where it will be faint

start with raised surfaces and work around to give a worn look

Step 10: Take the Lenses Out of 3d Glasses

Pot em out. real easy and put them in the slots in goggles. i put a lil hot glue on em to hold in place.

Now clean the lenses cause the look like you ate greasy chicken on em.

Good, should look better now.

Step 11: Let It Dry

Let it dry overnight, don't get excited and get paint in your i did.

Now go check the mail in them after they dry, cause you know the neighbors will get jealous.

You can wrap some wire or yarn around the nose or just leave plain.

Now post them on facebook. You did a good job. Time to own some people on Black ops

or what ever you play.

Step 12: Seal Them

If you like them, make sure they last you. Brush with some fiberglass resin or mod podge

Step 13:

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