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Introduction: 3D Triforce Light

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Here's how to build a shakeable, cheap, easy, triforce light!

Disclaimer: mine is not done, still have one step left.

Step 1: Materials

1. Utility knife - already had

2. Step lights / Running lights for shoes - $1 Radioshack

3. Ruler/striahgt edge - Already had

4. Highly transparent yellow folders - $1.50 each Staples

5. 2-3 Non glare Styrene sheets - $4.35 each Home Depot (any thin plastic sheet will work though)

6. Hot glue gun - already had

7. Tape - already had

9. Scissors

8. Google

Step 2: Google Fool

Google an equilateral triangle, print to desired size, and cut out just the big triangle.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Triangles

Lay on top of plastic sheet so one side is lined up and tape.

Take straight edge and utility knife and score plastic. Note: you only have 1 shot usually on these plastic sheets so use the straight edge.

Repeat 4 times.

Step 4: Putting the Triangle Together

The way this plastic works is that if you remove one side of the plastic covering you can't snap the pieces with your hand after scoring. The trick is snap it so the side that still has the plastic covering is on the inside. Now fold the triangles together so they make a three dimensional triangle. Take the hot glue and put dabs in the corners immediately after peeling back the plastic covering. Leave one side open so there is a "trap door."

Step 5: Add the Lights, and Close It Up

Slide the step lights into the open side of the triangles. Take some hot glue and now close up all four triangles with the lights inside of them

Step 6: A Few Options

You can now either with your template cut out triangles from the yellow folders and glue them onto each side of the triangles, or assemble the triangles.

How to assemble: hot glue in-between the outside corners of the triangles. Make the three triangle base first. Then glue on the top final piece.

Step 7: If You Didn't Add Yellow

If you are like me, then you didn't add the yellow before assembling the triangles.

So what you do now is with the template cut out the triangles and glue them onto the four sides. Then cut one more and glue each individual piece of the triangle onto the inside.

Step 8: Now You're Done!

Take this it's dangerous to go alone!

Here's a video to see what the final product may look like.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but i hope you enjoyed building this!

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