Introduction: 3D Printable Battle Bots!! CAD Designed

Hey guys! I came up with the idea of making some combat robots that would be able to fight against one another that can be printed out on a 3D printer , if something breaks - just print a new part ! I wanted to make it accessible to everyone so if anyone wants the files , I will be happy to sent them over =D I don't have a 3D printer myself so it would be cool to see someone make them =D. This instructable is how I made the bots + combat zone on CAD ( computer aided design)  in 3D

Step 1: Where I Started

I started off by going onto Hobbyking and modeling some motors on 3D so that once the bot is printed then the motors and electronics are easily accessible to every one in the world. I chose a brushed geared motor with decent rpm to drive the wheels , and a high torque brushless motor to drive weapons . 

Step 2: Making Bot 1

I started off with a size that I thought would be pretty good - the ruler long battle bots. I created the body using the loft tool . I did this because I wanted it to not have any sharp edges to make it more resilient in warfare . I then sliced it to get a bottom and a top , I shelled the top making is 2mm all around.

Step 3: Tires!

I then made tires with a diameter of 50mm , the tires can  either be printed or you can buy standard tires if you want more grip on your bot . if you print the tires then put that one sided sticky foam on them for more grip. I added motor mounts onto the bottom frame so that the body height will lie 3mm off the ground.

Step 4: Weapon Time

I decided to use a 1:2 ratio gear box and a cam so that the top lip would be able to flick an opponent . I calculated it so that the weapon would flip 90 degrees from its stand by position.

Step 5: Trays! Trays Everywhere!

I decided that the batteries needed a spot that one would be able to firmly hold them does , so I created slightly elevated battery trays that allows the user to wrap it in valcro and hold the battery down. I also knew that because the bots will be using so many speed controllers that it would be nice to have a tray that holds them so they don't move around and so that they can stay cool. Big battery tray for a 2200 mAh 3s Lipo and the small tray is for a 1500 mAh 3s Lipo.

Step 6: Time to Stay Cool

I knew that a sealed box with electronics in might be a problem considering the heat they can generate so I put in a fan that sucks cold air in from the outside and throws it directly onto the speed controllers .

Step 7: Put It All Together

Put the top shell onto the bottom and make sure everything fits. Then I put brackets that allow you to screw in 4 wood screws to hold the top to the bottom . Bot 1 - done =D

Step 8: Bot Two =D

Using the same hardware as bot one I set up the components to that I can have 4 wheels for more traction because the weapon of choice for bot 2 are two sharp 16mm drill bits! I figured since we are making bots out of plastic and not metal , lets bring in a new kind of weapon , plus every1 can access drill bits at a local hardware store!

Step 9: I Found My Inner Drill Sergent

Haha the drill bits will not be printed out but then needed to be made to that the bot will look like a beast . After a few hours of messing around I finally got the product I wanted . in the images the drill bit on the left is my first ever drill bit - didn't come out bad but it did not look like an actual bit . the one on the right is my pride and joy , the actual drill bit =P . I then took the brushless motor and gear box and modified a nossil so that it could hold the drill bit . I put 3 fastening points so that the drill bit could be centred.

Step 10: Shell

I wanted the center of gravity low on this bot so I made the shell a lot shallower that the other bot .

Step 11: Combat Platform

The platform is designed to be made out of wood , it is then surrounded by plexi glass( for your safety) . it has dead zones and a drop box that the opponent can be pushed into.

Step 12: The End Result

The bots are ready to fight! thanks for looking at my instructable guys! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

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