Introduction: 3D-printed Jack O' Lantern

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Halloween is coming up soon and so I'm celebrating by making my own personal 3D-printed jack o' lantern. With an LED tea light inside it can glow without having to be too big.

This Instructable is a part of the 3D Creation Systems Jack o' Lantern challenge. You can enter by posting your own design to the contest. It can follow these instructions or be made entirely differently in the CAD program of your choice. Just make something spooky!

OK, let's make a 3D jack o' lantern

Step 1: Make a Ball

There it is. A sphere!

Step 2: Squeeze It

Non-uniform scale of .8 in y axis

Step 3: Copy It

Make a copy of the ball and move it over

Step 4: Copy the Copies

Copy that pair and rotate the new pair 36 degrees

Step 5: Repeat!

Make 3 more pairs of copies and you'll have the body of the pumpkin

Step 6: Make a Curved Path

Draw a curved line

Step 7: Draw a Circle

Draw a circle at the endpoint of the path

Step 8: Extend the Circle

Rotate the circle to be perpendicular to the path and create the stem by following the path with the circle

Step 9: Insert Stem

Move the stem into place on the body of the pumpkin. You will likely need to change the scale of it

Step 10: Combine

Connect all of the shapes together

Step 11: Shell the Pumpkin

Hollow out the pumpkin with the shell tool

Step 12: Cut a Hole in the Bottom

Create a cylinder and subtract that from the main shape. You now have a hollow pumpkin with a space for a LED candle to be inserted.

Step 13: Cut a Face

Make your own face for the jack o' lantern by subtracting different shapes. When you're happy with the results you can export an STL and print it!

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