Introduction: 3D Printed Muzzle Flashider(airguns Only)

In order to make the model you need a 3D drawing software.

I prefer solidworks 2014-2015. Youtube offers a lot of the basics of Solidworks, it is not hard to do. You can make any model you want depending on the dimensions you require. In this instructable I only made the model on the first 2 pictures.

Step 1: Step 1 Printing the Model With 3D Hub

I have made a quick and simple guide of how I made the muzzle flash;

-First you I started with a cyllinder Attached to another bigger cyllinder.

-Then Fillet the edge between them

-Depending on the diameter of you bullet, and some safety marges, I cut a cyllinder in the front.

-Then the back where the Muzzle flash hider slides over the barrel needs to be cut out.

-I made a dovetail on the front to mount iron sights on it for target shooting(we use a diopter here in holland) it actually fits and works.

-The the two oval holes at the sides.

-And last but not least, the two inbus screws to hold the Muzzle flash hider on the barrel, you can put a drop of epoxy on the bottom of you screws to make them scratch the barrel less.

I printed the above model using 3D hub.

Once you have the model in solifworks, jou can save it as .STL file.

Then you go to 3D Hub, make a free account and upload your file to the closest 3D printer nearby (Works Great!!).

Step 2: Step 2 Technical Drawing of Your Component

If you wish to make it, or let a friend Mill it out of aluminum like i did. It is best if you make a simple and easy to understand drawing, using solidworks this again is not a problem once you have your model.

First open solidworks;

Select New > Drawing;

Select the size you want to print > Select your model;

Position your model in such way that every important side is viewed;

Right click sheet > properties; Here you can adjust your scale;

Then go to Model Items make sure you select Entire model, at this point all dimensions get random thrown in the model;

Use smart dimension to give dimensions where needed, you can adjust meassurement with your mouse.

Step 3: Results 3D Printed Model and Aluminum Version

This is what my models look like finished.

The aluminum is made by a friend of mine.

The gun is a Walther Lgm 2 with a Air arms pressure cyillinder.

The worked both quite well, I only prefer the aluminum because of it's color. If designed well, the 3D printed one well last long, but of course aluminum is more durable.

My first instructables hope you enjoyed it!

p.s Sorry for my grammar, not my favourite subject.

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