Introduction: 3d Papercut Alphabets Fully Customisable by Using Free Software

I'll show you how to make a any lettering out of paper letters.

You can make 3d letters of your choice of font, size, color, thickness. The difficulty depends on mainly the font, if you select straight block fonts like i does it is very easy to make yourself and your children will be happy to help you.

You can simply hang them up as decoration or make fridge magnets or paste on canvas or cardboard to make interesting displays. They make a great gift.

The software i used to make them are freely available and very easy to use but if you want to save the trouble you can find download the templates from following link and jump to step 5, rest all Lets begin!


1) Card stock paper

2) Art or craft knife

3) Cutting Board

4) Glu

Step 1: Choose the Font

It all start with asking yourself what you want to make. Once you know go to any free fonts website and download the font you want.

TIP: If you are new to paper cutting start with straight box shaped fonts with minimum curves. Avoid italic and handwriting

I have downloaded mine from

i used this font

Install the font on your laptop/PC. On windows lift click on font file and select "Install for all Users".

Step 2: Inkscape

It is a open source vector graphics editing software. It is great that you are familiar with this name, if not no worries, you don't need to learn a new software just use these shortkeys and you are done

Download the software here

Install and launch

Select 'Create and edit Text Objetcs(F8)'

Type the letters you want to print one at a time.

on right hand side select the font you installed earlier and fond size '200'.

Select 'Edit paths by nodes(F2)' on left hand side toolbar.

Click 'Convert selected object to path(Cntrl+Shift+C)'

go to File on home bar and save as inkscape SVG(*.svg) file

Thats all

Step 3: TinkerCAD

go to

after signup/sign in select 'Create new design'

Import the .SVG file you saved

select the letter to change the size to your liking and export the selected shape as '.STL' file.

Step 4: Pepakura Time

This is most fascinating software. I learned about it from this awesome Instructable

visit it you can learn more about this method

Okay so to continue download and install another free software here

Launch Pepakura and open the .STL file

Orient the letter as intended or just skip that step but define the scale

now unfold the model. Pepakura is very easy to use and you can find instructions here

this software will convert your 3d letter to 2d printable template which you can save as a pdf.

Step 5: Print, Score, Cut and Glue

Print the template on card stock paper 140-200 gsm or may be more if your printer allow.

Score the dotted lines and cut the solid lines, fold and glue the flaps.

Your model is ready, Post some pictures of your make.

Feel free to ask if you are facing any difficulty

Stay Home Stay Safe!!

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