3d Print a CD Case With Your Favorite Logo




Introduction: 3d Print a CD Case With Your Favorite Logo

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3d print quickly and easily your own CD case with your favorite logo on.

Perfect for gifts and mixtapes!

There are two options: One with booklet space and a slimmer one.

The heights are 1,27cm for the bigger one and 1,12cm for the slim case.

PS. In the photos the case is made of Wood PLA filament.

Step 1: Import Your Favorite Logo to Cura and Convert Image to 3d

1) Drag and drop your picture in Cura Software and insert the preferred displacement height (negative values for engraved results) and width of your picture.

Step 2: Save Your File to *.stl Binary Form

2) Save your 3d photo.

Step 3: Edit the Logo in Rhino3d

3) Open the *.stl file from Cura.

Explode the mesh and delete the bottom and side faces.

Step 4: Add the Logo Surface to the "CDCase_upper_blank.stl"

4) Centre the logo surface on top of the CD cover and create a rectangle that includes the logo limits.

Step 5: Split the CD Cover at the Logo Limits

5) Extrude the rectangle until it surpasses the CD cover and perform MeshBooleanSplit.

Step 6: Join the 2 Meshes

6) Move the logo to fill the cutted surface and perform Join.

You can now save the edited 3d surface to a preferred name.

Step 7: 3d Print Your CD Case!

Import your files in your slicer and 3d print !

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    3 years ago

    The final 3d printed lart looks great.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you zposner! You can 3d print it and post your own case!