3d Printer Filament Spool Holder

Introduction: 3d Printer Filament Spool Holder

As every new 3D printer owners, one of the first project is the filament spool holder.

This is my idea. A self aligning spool holder witch is small, easy to change works with every size of spool.

What do you need?

4 pcs 608ZZ ball bearing

12 pcs #6 x 3/4" (3,5x 18 mm) flathead,

4 pcs #6 x 1/4" (3,5x6mm) any head,

4 pcs #8 (5mm) flat wahsers,

a piece of wood as a base 7" x 3,5" (170 x90mm)

and one hour to print and put together

Step 1: Print the Part and Clean It

So print it clean it...

Especially the chamfered holes. The best if you use a bigger 1/2" (12 mm) drill bit or a chamfer tool to clean it and make it smooth.

Put the bearing on its shaft and secure it with one short screw. Yes that is not a mistake the bearings are not vertical the are in angle so the spool not going to touch the bracket always goes back to the middle (like the train does on the track)

Step 2: Place the Brackets on the Board

For my filament spool (8"x2 1/2", 200 x 65mm) the exterior corner of the brackets going to be sit on the corners of a 6 3/8" x 3 1/16" (160x78 mm) rectangle. But it may need some adjustments.

Attention! The bracket should line up so use something straight to achieve that. Make a mark trough the hole and pre-drill it. Don't over tight the screws because the printed parts does not like it and will crack


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    6 years ago


    Delicious, but the angle of bearing shaft is tilted other way. I think.

    One of the follower.



    Reply 6 years ago

    Hi strchr

    I have chosen this set up because of the edge of my spool chamfered that way.

    But it works either way.