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a 3d picture made out of only recycled wood, paper, glue and paint

Step 1: You Will Need and Materials

you will need

wooden fruit crate or some kind of thin wood (about 4ml thick max)

saw (I used my pocket knife)


wood glue and super glue

paint and brushes

coloured card

pencil and fine black pen

a photo (landscape is recommended)

Step 2: Making the Base

get your fruit crate and pull off the sides, then mark a square or rectangle (I did a 10cmx10cm square) then cut it out with your saw.

then get a piece of normal, plain, white paper and cut out a square the same size as the wooden base(10cmx10cm), then glue the paper on the wood

(cut off and overhanging paper)

Step 3: Drawing Your Picture and Painting the Background

once the glue has dried trace with a pencil or pen the basic picture e.g. in mine I have drawn the house and trees.

draw minor details like beams and doorways.

next paint the dark areas (trees and doorways)( I did not paint the sky because in my photo it is white, but if you do have a coloured sky paint it the appropriate colour)do not paint the ground.

Step 4: Building Up the Back Foreground

once the paint has dried, cut pieces of paper which match the approximate colour and size of areas of your picture if the area is in the slight foreground (like the roof of the house)(only give these areas one layer of paper as they are not the main foreground) and texture it (I have done the planks in the roof)

Step 5: Building Up the Foreground

take a piece of thick card (any colour, and roughly 1.5mm thick) and cut it out in the rough shape of the foreground (in this case its the front wall of the house), and glue it on (don't forget t cut out the doorways)

. after now get another piece of card the same shape (I traced mine from the original piece) this piece has to be the right colour (I used a creamy white, grey colour for the concrete of the walls), and glue it on over the 1st piece. make sure you trim off any overhanging edges.

Step 6: Painting the Details

in the roof, I have painted the eaves, trusses supports and beams in a black, brown, grey. I have also painted the doorframes.

fine details, using a toothpick dipped in light brown paint, I "drew" a twig like bush thing in the upper doorway.

the walls, with a fine paintbrush and several colours (I used light and dark grey, and orangey brown) draw small streaks of colour so it looks like the rocks in the concrete and stone wall.

also not seen in this photo, I used watered down black and lightly painted it on the wall when it was dry giving the concrete a more shaded appearance.

Step 7: Building Up the "frontground " Snow

take some sheets of white card (I didn't have any so I had to do extra layers of normal paper)and cut out a piece just smaller (I did about 3-4-5mm smaller) than the existing white space below the house and glue it on, keep building it up in the same technique, eventually there will be no space left to paste the paper and it should have come forwards a significant distance.(if you do have white card you will probably need only up to 5 layers of paper, I had to place about 9 layers).

Step 8: Bringing Depth and Texture to the Snow

once everything was dry, I got some white paint and put it in big blobs on the ground for footprints (getting smaller for distance), I also put it very thickly on the roof which gave great texture once it dried.

another thing if you look at the bottom of the house I have put a sliver of paper to stop giving the appearance that the house was on a ledge this is also very affective.

Step 9: "frontground" Extras (the Rabbit)

as you can see so far the picture is really "finished" but the snowy area below the house is still quite empty and you need to fill up the space, so... I made a snow rabbit: firstly I got 2 pieces of the same material I used for the 1st layer of the house, and on 1 I drew a rabbit (quite small if you put it in comparison) I then got the second piece of card and traced the first picture onto the second, then using nail scissors I trimmed off any excess card around the lines, glued them together, and then glued it in the "front" right , bottom, corner. I then painted it a background white, let that dry, and lightly painted and drew light brown around the head, back and feet. i then put details such as eyes, paws, whiskers etc.

Step 10: The Final Stages

finally over, we sign, sigh and relax. thank you so much for looking at this 'able please vote for it in the 3d design contest and tell your friends!

P.S. I would have made a frame for the picture but I didn't have the right materials, if you make this please post a picture of your creation and don't forget you have creative license, once again thanks for looking.

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