Introduction: 3d Printed Phone Bracket for Bike

For a school project i have created a bracket for your phone for on a bike or motorcycle. Maybe not a very innovative idea, but for me it was good to work with and take my first steps with 3D printers.

This bracket holds your phone and protects it while riding. I also added an wire for charging the phone, this is useful when using the power consuming navigation.

Step 1: Step 2: Design

The first step

The first step that had to be taken was to create a design. I did that by making a sketch by hand and take this sketch to Autocad where i made a 3D drawing.

The measurements for my phone (HTC desire 610) were taken from the HTC website and used for this drawing.

143,1 x 70,5 x 9,6 mm

The whole bracket was designed with this measurements for the inside, the walls and the botom are all 2 mm thick.

Note: After printing it became obvious the phone wouldn't fit, next time i should make the measurements a bit larger.

Step 2: Step 3: Printing

The next step was creating the object through 3D printing. I used several different ones at the Fablab in Rotterdam ( ).

The whole 3D printing is quite an easy process. After creating the 3D model in Autocad it had to be converted to .Gcode and .stl files for the different printers to work with. Autocad can convert easily convert to .stl files but for .gcode its good to use Cura.

Step 3: Step 3: Completement

After 3D printing al the parts. All have to be finished and put together. I used several tools to do this,such as

a grinding tool, to touch up the 3D printed parts.

a hot glue gun and PVCglue, to join the parts together

and a plasticizer, to make the protective screen. I just used it without paper.

this resulted in the end product, its pretty usable for a prototype, but maybe not good enough yet for everyday use.