Introduction: 3d Printing Colorful Hummmus

About: My name is Luis, I am from Barcelona and for the last years I've developed a curious obsession merging food and rapid prototyping. To have a unique and customized eating experience.

This instructable, hopefullly, teaches how to use your 3d food printer to get nice colorful hummus prints. For this you are going to need:

  • A 3d printer that works with syringes, cartridges, capsules or any similar container. We used this one.
  • Hummus. We use this recipe.
  • Icing colors
  • Containers (one per color)
  • A table spoon
  • A fork

Step 1: How to Load Your Hummus

So... what to do to get these colorful hummus prints? It is super easy.

First you are going to need to prepare your hummus, here it is our recipe. Divide it into several containers (one per color).

Now it is dye time! You can choose any type of dye, we were lazy so we just used some icing colors we had around: red, blue and green.

Mix each hummus thoughtfully with a fork, until you get homogeneous colors. Make sure to press your hummus to avoid holding air pockets within.

Now is when the fun begins. Take a full table spoon of each color and spooooon it into the cartridge. One color at a time, press firmly with your spoon, until you end up with a rainbow effect. Avoid air pockets (remember air pockets are our enemies).

Obviously you can choose whatever color you like and whatever sequence! that is the fun part about it!

Time for printing! In previous step you can see some examples, one of my favorite parts is how colors blend. This semi-random effect depends on how you spoon, the hummus viscosity,... but who cares is just gorgeous!

Hopefully you enjoy it and give it a try :)

Digital cooking is fun!