Introduction: 3rd Hand Helper for Only 1$

About: i am 16 year old,soon 17, kid . i am from Serbia . I am now 2nd grade in High School and i like making simple things because i am learning through that. i am really interested in electronics, bikes, and fishing

Hello, i will show you how to make 3rd hand helper for only 1$ ?!
Yes it is possible!
I bet that everybody have some old heatsink from dead PC ?

oh yes, price list 4x aligator clips 36cents
                          wire 0.5 m 10 cents
                           heatsink depends, if you salvaged it from computer then 0$ but if you buy probably 50 cents
                           total price 96 cents (in Serbian valute its 70 din)
fan is optional but its also salvaged, probably most expensive thing will be magnifiyng glass (about 1 $ or less, i dont want some big ones)         , led is cheap( i will 100% put led on it, maybe 4 of them, one for each side, and 2 high so it will light 360)
  switch for led and fan, ......... 1000 configurations

if you like this instruction ,.....
P.S. if you didnt understand something just ask, i will answer. And also, sorry for my English, ......

Step 1: Materials

First you will need hot glue gun and hot glue, and probably pliers
then you will need some solid core wires ( i used double wire because its more solid, more stable )
and last , but not least aligator clips ( i used 4 of them, smaller,bigger, it is your choice, maybe the best is combo of 2 big ones, and 2 smaller)

Step 2: Making

first you will cut about 15 inch of wire,make 2 pair of them
when you cut them take about 6.7 inch from bouth ends.
you will get space about 2 inches which you will separate and put in their own collumns

Step 3: Gluing

when you bend them, you just need to glue them in place
just be careful , dont mess like i did

Step 4: Adding Aligator Clips

when you finish gluing , only thing left is to put aligator clips

Step 5: Finished Product and Extras

when you finish everything you can start adding stuff, i added small fume extractor (which i will put on 9v battery and also on usb)
, i will post also update  of this version with some magnifying glass and some led, everything will be portable or used with own power ( usb , or some wall wart, but its 1:0 for usb, because you can use it with computer and also with power wall wart adapter which you get with 70% of phones