Introduction: 4 Bight, 5 Lead Turkshead Knot With Interweave

This makes a lanyard, key ring fob, zipper pull, etc. You will need cord and a dowel or pencil to use to shape the knot while tying.

Step 1:

Attach your cord to the dowel and bring the working end (WE) around as shown.

Step 2:

Bring WE over under in front. . . . . .

Step 3:

continue over

Step 4:

Bring WE under dowel then under over . . . .

Step 5:

continue over, under, over in back.

Step 6:

Bring WE under dowel then over, under and over.

Step 7:

continue under, over, under and over. This completes the 4 bight TH.

Step 8: Begin Interweave

Loosen the knot to give room to make interweave. I just switched to a smaller diameter dowel.

Leave a small bight on the left and bring WE adjacent to tail over one then under 2 (crossing point).

Step 9:

Bring WE over one and under 2

Step 10:

Bring WE over one under 3

Step 11:

WE over one under 3.

Step 12:

over one under three

Step 13:

over two, under three

Step 14:

over two, under three

Step 15:

Over two, under two, this completes the interweave

Step 16: Begin to Tighten

Start to pull slack out of the small bight you made in step 8 and pull this loop through the center of the knot. This forms the loop of the finished TH knot. Remove the knot from the dowel.

Tightening the knot is a several stage process,. DO NOT attempt to remove all the slack in one go

Step 17:

Examine the knot. You will see that there are 4 bights on either end. To start find bight connected to tail end and pull out a small amount (first photo). Then pull out slack from this bight bbby pulling on the bight on the opposite side.

Step 18:

continue in this manner until slack has been removed from all 4 bights.

Step 19:

Here I am starting to remove slack from the interweave. First pull to adjust the loop on the right then follow the interweave around pulling out slack until all is removed.

You now have TWO options. Tighten the knot completely and tie the two ends together in the stopper knot of your choice. The 2 strand gaucho knot shown in last photo is one option.

Step 20:

. The other option is to hide the ends. With hemostat (Needle nose pliers, forceps) bring either end through the center of the knot

Step 21:

Do the same with the remaining end. Tighten the knot and cut the ends CLOSE and push the two ends back into the knot.