Introduction: 4-Dollar Jeep Door Storage

I'm completely out of wall space and floor space. I wanted something that would keep the doors safe and out of the way. Considered welding something up but this was faster, easier and cheaper. If you have the 2X4 laying around this is about 4 bucks for the hardware if your storing one set of doors and 8 bucks if your doing 2 sets. These instructions are for two hangers for hanging 4 doors.

Step 1: Eye Bolts and 2x4s

All you need are some lag eye bolts. The ones I used were 3 inches end to end and the opening in the eye needs to be no smaller than a half inch. You can try different sizes on your door hinges to get the perfect fit. Mine are a bit loose but work just fine.

Step 2: Cut Your Lumber

Cut your 2X4 into four 16 inch long pieces.

Step 3: Drill Some Pilot Holes

Select 2 boards and drill 3 pilot holes along the center line.

Step 4: Countersink the Holes

Counter sink the holes with a counter sink bit or a larger drill bit.

Step 5: Measure

Now take the other 2 boards and measure an inch from each edge. Mark this as the top so you can keep track.

Step 6: Measure and Drill

Measure 12.25 inches along the board for your next hole. Instead of being 1inch from the front edge like the first mark, this hole will be 7/8 of an inch from the front edge. This offset will insure the doors swing in towards the wall and not out into the room. Drill both pilot holes for your lag eye bolts. Drill all the way through. It will make the next step easier.

Step 7: Measure and Drill the Other Side

Flip the board and measure down 1.5 inches from the holes you just drilled and drill two more pilot holes.

Step 8: Screw in the Lag Eye Bolts

Screw in the lag eye bolts. You can put a screwdriver through the eye of the bolt to make it easier to screw in. Screw the bolts in until they just start to come out the other side. It should look like this when you're done.

Step 9: Glue and Screw the Boards Together

Grab the first two boards that you drilled pilot holes in and glue and screw to the board with the lag eye bolts. Glue is important as well as using screws at least 3 inches long.

Step 10: Hang It

Bolt to the wall. Doors are pretty heavy so make sure you go into a wall stud. I didn't have any wall space so I bolted mine to my storage shelves. You can probably come up with good ways to customize it for your application. Maybe leaving the backer board longer to make it easier to center up on a stud.