Introduction: 4 Healthy & Easy Summer Ice Pops

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Summer is a season of Ice pops. I love homemade Ice pops because I can make whatever flavor I want and they always taste better.

For a good homemade ice pop, first it should be easy, and it should be good looking (so that you can surprise your friends and family), and if it's healthy at the same time, that's also a bonus.

Today I'm gonna share 4 of my ice pop recipes that are healthy and easy, so you can make your own next time as well!

Step 1: Recipe #1: Watermelon Ice Pop (Ingredients)

The first recipe is one of my favorite all the time-- the watermelon ice pop! Watermelon just goes so well with summer, and make an ice pop out of it? Yes Please!

You will need:

--Seedless watermelon

--Coconut milk (or yogurt, but not greek yogurt please)

--Kiwi fruit (or avocado)

You don't need any exact amount of any ingredient in this recipe, I will show you why in the next step!

Step 2: Recipe #1: Watermelon Ice Pop (Steps)

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1. Cut out the skin of the watermelon and cut them into cubes. Don't eat them all before you use them (useful tip).

2. If your watermelon is not sweet enough, you can add some sugar. Mine is very sweet already, so just put a tiny bit of salt into the watermelon. (Salt will add its depth of flavor and bring out the sweetness)

3. Puree the watermelon and pour it into the mold till 4/5 full.

4. Freeze for about 3 hour and take it out, pour the coconut milk (or yogurt) on top of it, and then put the stick into the ice pop (this way you can keep the stick straight).

5. Freeze another hour or so, and meanwhile you can puree some kiwi, and when the coconut milk is hard as well, you can just pour the kiwi mixture onto the top, and freeze another few hours till it's all hard enough.

6. Run the mold under water and take out the ice pop! Now Enjoy!

Step 3: Recipe #2: Avocado Ice Pop (Ingredients)

You know when you make fruity and healthy ice pops, you don't add any cream to them. However some of the fruits may be a little bit icy without the cream.

If you want something healthy and creamy, try Avocado please! The texture of this fruit would allow you to make super smooth ice pops without adding any cream.

You will need:

- 1 large hass avocado (or 2 hass avocado)

- 1.5 tsp lime juice

- A tiny pinch of salt

- Sugar / honey 2 tbsp or to your own taste

Step 4: Recipe #2: Avocado Ice Pop (Steps)

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1. Make simple syrup. Put sugar into boiling water with a ratio of 1:2 and wait till it dissolves. Let it cool before using. Or you can just mix honey with water till your desired sweetness.

2. Put avocado into the mixer, squeeze in the lime juice, and add a tiny amount of salt. Then add the simple syrup you made.

3. Blend everything together, if it's too thick, you can add more syrup to adjust it (you don't want it too thick otherwise there will be bubbles).

4. Pour the mixture into the mold, tap it on the table to avoid bubbles. Freeze for about 2-3 hours then put the wooden stick into the mold. Freeze another 6 hours or so and they are ready!

5. Run the mold under cold water for a few seconds, then pull the ice pop out.

Step 5: Recipe #3: Fruit Salad Ice Pop (Ingredients)

I used to see a picture of this on Pinterest, and that one used less fruit more juice to make it look better, but to me that's too icy so I made my own version~

Basically it's a fruit salad in an ice pop! Share it on a party and they will be surprised cuz it looks so nice!!

You will need:

- Strawberries

- Kiwi fruits

- Yellow peach

- Blueberries

- 100% White grape juice (or apple juice)

Again, you don't need to weigh any of the ingredients, and you can always substitute any of the fruits.

Step 6: Recipe #3: Fruit Salad Ice Pop (Steps)

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1. Prepare your fruits. I halved the strawberries, washed the blueberries, sliced the peaches and kiwis.

2. Make sure you don't eat the fruits now otherwise you have to prepare from the start again lol.

3. Put the fruits into the mold. You can use blueberries to fill in the mold. Just mix all the colors to make it look better.

4. Pour in the grape juice, freeze for about 2-3 hours and put the wooden stick in.

5. Freeze another 6 hours or so before you run it under cold water and eat it.

Step 7: Recipe #4: Kiwi Ice Pop (Ingredients)

Well maybe you already know that I love kiwi fruits (I used them in both the watermelon recipe and the fruit salad recipe lol). I just cannot resist myself of making a kiwi fruit ice pop.

And if you choose kiwis that are mature enough, you won't need too much sugar/honey, and 100% apple juice will also add a lot sweetness to the ice pop without adding extra sugar.

You will need:

- 3-4 Kiwi Fruits

- 3/4 cup 100% Apple juice

- 1 tsp of honey

Of course, you can always adjust the amount of sugar/honey based on your own preference and the sweetness of your kiwi fruits :)

Step 8: Recipe #4: Kiwi Ice Pop (Ingredients)

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1. Peel the kiwis, and save some thick slices (the number of slices should just equal the number of ice pops you would like to make). Don't eat too much kiwi during this step (very important).

2. Put the rest of the kiwis into the mixer, add honey or sugar, and add apple juice.

3. Blend it well.

4. Put 1 thick slice of kiwi fruit into the mold first, then pour in the mixture.

5. Freeze about 2-3 hours and then put the stick in, freeze another 6 hours and it's ready to eat!

6. Run it under cold water and pull it out from the mold.

Step 9: Enjoy!!

Hope you like these healthy and easy ice pop recipes!

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Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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