Introduction: 4 Household Items for Survival/bushcraft

Hi guys this is my first instructable :)

I would like to share some of the uses of four common items for bushcraft or survival.

-Inner tube

-Trash bags

-Tin foils

-Cotton pads

You surely have those items laying around your house, so pick them up and let's get started !

Step 1: Different Uses

The Inner tube:

It can be cut in smaller sections and can be used to provent gas to accidentaly get out of your lighter,

or to attach something to your knife sheath (like a small survival kit, a lighter, a firesteel or a smaller knife).

It makes also a good emergency tinder, as it burns even when damp.

Cotton Pads:
They make great tinder to practice your firesteel skills, and you can increase their burning time by soaking them into wax or petroleum jelly. you can also use them to clean a wound.

Trash bags :

they can be used as improvised pouches, poncho, emergency tarp, water collecter, insulation mat (once filled with dead leaves) etc...

Tin foil:

You can use it as a fire reflector, a bowl to boil water, an emergency signal device (because it's shiny), you can scrub your dirty cookware with it, you can cook food in it... The tin foil is very light and packable once folded, so you'd better pack a large piece in your kit, you won't regret it!

I hope that these tips will help some of you, and if you have others tips of that kind share it in the comments !

Thanks for reading!