Introduction: 4 New Match Sticks Hacks (Video)

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In this project I'm going to show you four new ways to use a simple matchbox.

1) Strike-anywhere Matches

2) Waterproof Matchbox

3) Match head firework fuse

4) Cotton ball fire starters

If you don't prefer to read, you can skip it and watch the video instead where I have explained all the steps in detail. If you do, then continue reading the written steps along with pictures in the following steps. Find out more similar projects and gadget reviews on my YouTube channel

Step 1: #1 Strike-anywhere Matches

Stuff you need:

- A big matchbox

- A pair of scissors

- A piece of paper

- Some water and a dropper

- A small container (preferably a cap of some sort)

- A piece of Styrofoam

- Sanding paper (optional)

- Use a scissor blade to scrape the striking pad of the matchbox. Collect the brown powder on a paper.

- Transfer the powder onto a small container (smaller the better).

- Optionally, rub two small pieces of sanding paper and add the abrasive dust to the mixture.

- Add a drop of water and mix using a matchstick to get an even mixture.

- Coat a match head half with the mix. Coat as many as you can and set aside to dry for a good couple of hours.

Let's move on to testing now.

Step 2: #1 Strike-anywhere Matches Testing

Once the match heads are completely dry, look for a rough abrasive surface and strike it against it.

I tried in on concrete, it worked

I tried in on a metal can I burned in a earlier project leaving it with a rough surface and it ignited in the first try.

However, it might not work 100% of times. What does work every time is striking it with another unmodified match.

I modified a small matchbox with a separation in between and stacked one half with regular matches and the other with strike-anywhere ones. If your striker pads giveaway, you can always resort to bumping their heads together.

Onto Waterproof matchbox now.

Step 3: #2 Waterproof Matchbox

This is a perfect accessory for your camping trip. You don't have to worry about your matches getting wet again.

What you need:

1) A small metal container with a water tight lid.

1) 1 matchbox

- Empty out your container and clean it if required. Mine had a sharp edge at the rim so I used a set of pliers to bend it inwards.

- Place your matches inside with the heads towards the bottom of the can.

- cut the striking pads from a matchbox and glue them on the inside near the top. Like in the picture.

This will give you a waterproof matchbox and will keep the contents dry even if you drown it in water.

When you want to use it, simply remove the lid, take a match and strike it as usual.

Let's make a firework fuse now.

Step 4: #3 Match Head Firework Fuse

What you need:

1) 1 big matchbox

2) A set of pliers

3) A round ceramic bowl

4) Water soluble glue

5) A round object for crushing match heads.

6) A water dropper

7) A small length of cord

- Use a set of pliers to remove the match heads from a big box of matches onto the ceramic container.

- Use a hard round object to crush the match heads to get relatively fine powder.

- Add drops of water a few at a time and mix with a matchstick to get a nice thick consistency as in picture.

- Add two drops of water soluble glue. this helps in binding the mix to the cord.

- Mix the solution nicely and then dip the cord into the mixture. Get and even coat on the cord and then hang it to dry.

- Once dry, this will work great as a makeshift fuse for your fireworks. I have done some testing in my video. You have got to watch this.

Now onto my favourite hack.

Step 5: #4 Cotton Ball Fire Starters

What you need:

1) Match head mixture from the previous step.

2) Cotton balls

3) Magnifying glass

- Take a cotton ball and dip one side of it in the same mixture we made in the previous step for the firework fuse.

- Set it aside to dry completely.

- Once dry, simply place it in sunlight and use a magnifying glass to focus a sharp beam onto the flammable coating. Within seconds, it will burst into flames. this gives a nice steady flame for a couple of seconds. Simply drop your tinder bundle on top and you have a fire.

Extra tip: Try fluffing out the cotton a bit. It increases the surface area and will result in a bigger flame.

I hope you like this project and let me know if you try it out. Don't forget to share it with your friends and family.
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