4-Prong Square Leather Lacing Chisel




Introduction: 4-Prong Square Leather Lacing Chisel

I created this tool for punching stitching holes for leather scales. If you'd like to know more about making these scales, you can find that instuctable here. This tool allows you to punch four holes in a square pattern. In the case of the scales, it allowed me to punch holes in the intersection of four scales all at once and get consistent stitching throughout the project.


wire nails

JB Super Weld (UV curing glue)

wood block


wood dowel


washer or nut

Step 1: Drill Hole

Drill a hole in a block of wood that leaves your wire nails exposed by about a 1/2" and is as wide as you'd like your holes to be from each other.

Step 2: Metal Support

To prevent the nails from embedding themselves deeper into the block of wood as it's hammered, you need some sort of metal base inside your drilled hole. I opted for a nut, but a washer or other solid metal object would work.

Press the nut into the bottom of the hole.

Step 3: Glue Nails

Hold the block of wood on it's side and apply glue to the bottom of the hole. Lay a nail in the glue and cure it with the UV light.

Rotate the block around and repeat the process until you've glued four nails into the hole as shown.

Step 4: Support

The glue is strong, but not strong enough to withstand repeated pounding with a hammer. Therefore, you need support in the center of the nails. Cut a small piece of wooden dowel that is roughly the depth of the hole and hammer it into the center of the nails using something like the bolt as shown.

Step 5: Enjoy

Sand the wood block to prevent splinters and use pliers to shift the nails if necessary. You can add more glue to the nails around the dowel after making adjustments.

Enjoy square or "x" stitches on your next project.

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    12 days ago

    Very similar build only with lots of little holes. It's for tenderizing meat.


    14 days ago

    Hmmm, Adam Smith wrote about such invention in The Wealth of Nations (circa 1740) "Men are much more likely to discover easier . . . methods of attaining any object, when the whole attention of their minds is directed at that single object . . . It is naturally to be expected . . . that some one . . . should soon find out easier . . . methods . . . wherever the nature of it admits of such improvement."

    So, as with Henry Ford, Quality Circles and our Interstate Highway System you have once again validated the economic thesis of that ancient Scot.

    Nicely done.


    15 days ago

    Great idea, very well thought out and presented, thank you.
    Have you thought about an inline one? A saw cut, to glue in a straight metal support (tin can, old blade?). Chop heads off nails, bash them in, resharpen as required.