$4 Dollars Outdoor Enclosure for a Linksys WVC54GC Wireless IP Surveillance Camera




Introduction: $4 Dollars Outdoor Enclosure for a Linksys WVC54GC Wireless IP Surveillance Camera

I was looking for a wireless outdoor camera to keep an eye on my backyard, but instead of buying a new one I just decide to make an outdoor enclosure for one of my wireless Linksys WVC54GC cameras. I add an extenal antenna to increase the wifi signal range and it's working great.  I got this Nema box for $1.99 and I just customize it with a few old trusted LEGOS and a piece of glass from a .99 cents photo frame and here's my Outdoor Wireless ip camera enclosure for less than $4 dollars. I hope you like it :D

-1 cheap nema box
-1 $0.99 cents photo frame
-A few legos
-RP-TNC connector . Free form a dead router that I found in the trash
-RP-TNC Antenna. Free form the same router :D
-Hot Glue gun with Silicone Glue

As Surveillance software I use the FREE version of Ispyconnect (www.ispyconnect.com) installed on an old pentium III 1.8Ghz/512MB/80GB computer and it is recording my 5 cameras :)

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Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

With the camera wizard or just add the ip address manually.

Follow the ispy instructions here: http://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=Linksys


7 years ago on Introduction

This is a great idea. I was trying to figure out how to add some DLink Cloud cameras to the outside building and keep them waterproof. Your use of a NEMA enclosure will allow me to use an inexpensive camera for surveillance. Thank you for the great Instructable!