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Introduction: 4 in a Row 3D Printed

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I guess you all have been playing 4 in a row, a while ago i went to a friend of mine and he asked me to play 4 in a row in 3D with him. The expectations was kind of low but i was wrong, its a really funny game to play if you are just two persons.


Step 1: Get the STL-files

Download the STL-files from here or thingiverse - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2520211

Step 2: Slice the Parts!

You need the board, 16 pins and 32 balls for each team (64 balls). I printed them at 30% infill 3 shells.

Step 3: Print the Parts

If you dont have a 3D-printer you can order parts from https://www.3dhubs.com/.
Or you can buy a cheap printer as the one that I am using - https://goo.gl/vxSLFA

Step 4: Done

Enjoy your gaming and thank you for watching! :)

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