4-way Path Seperator for Knex Ball Machines

Introduction: 4-way Path Seperator for Knex Ball Machines

Hey everyone! Some time ago I asked @shadowman39 if he had any instructions for his path seperator used in his amazing ballmachine 'Citadel'. He said he didn't, because the design wasn't reliable enough. I took it upon me to revisit his concept to try and make it better. I got it to work, so I featured it in my ballmachine 'Shadow'. Shadowman asked me if I wanted to make any instructions for it, so here they are! I hope you like it, and special thanks to Shadowman39!


Step 1: The Base

Step 2: The Frame

Step 3: The Platform

Step 4: The Mechanism

Step 5: Assembly

Step 6: More Framework

Step 7: The Actuators

Step 8: Railings

Step 9: Support Structure for Input Path

Step 10: The Input Path

Step 11: DONE

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    7 months ago

    works incredibly well.
    It's heavy so I'll have to make some support adjustments but I'll figure it out.