Introduction: 40 " Hand Carved Boba Fett Cane

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I was asked to make this for a guy that was a Star Wars nut like myself. I started off gluing two 2x4's together.

1 - I took two 5 " peaces of pine 2x4 and glued then together and clamped them over night.

2- Next after the glue dried I sanded the 2x4 peace till it was nice and smooth and making sure that there were no gaps between the 2 peaces.

3- While sanding I made sure I got a nice curve on all 4 corners to make carving the Boba Fett helmet easier .

4- After getting everything smoothed I traced out the Boba Fett design on the rounded peace of wood.

5- After getting the design traced out I started cutting on the lines with my V tool making sure not to got to deep.

6- After cutting all the lines I used my chip carving knife and started putting in the depth around were you would look through the helmet and where the visor runs down the front of the helmet and also carved out the spaces on both sides of the helmet and on the back side of the helmet ( Making sure I left enough wood for the cane to fit into the bottom of the helmet ) .

7- After getting all that cut off I took a rasp and made a concave on the top of the helmet for the handle to sit in.

8- The handle and cane were carved out of a peace of dead Elm.

9- I debarked the cane part and the peace for the handle using a 9" draw knife.

10- After debarking the handle I followed the natural lines of the wood and carved down were he would hold it making sure that there were not knots ( for comfort in his hand).

11- After carving the handle to were It felt good I traced the Boba Fett blaster and the Slave ship on the sides. I used my V tool to cut the lines and after I had the lines cut out I stained the cutting of the blaster and Slave ship.

12- After I debarked the cane I found that the wood had the most beautiful designs eaten by wood bugs. I cleaned out the dust from the bugs eating the wood and use a old soft tooth brush making sure not to break of any edges .

13- I carved around the top of the cane till I had tenon cut down to 1 1/4 " to fit into the bottom of the helmet.

14- I used a 1 1/4 " spade bit to drill a mortise in the bottom of the helmet to fit the cane in. And also used a 3/8 " brill to drill 2 holes for dowels through the handle into the helmet to make sure there would be no movement when I attached the handle to the helmet.

15- After I drilled all my holes I sanded every part of the entire cane to make sure all the surfaces are smooth. After cleaning the dust off I used Acrylic Enamel craft paint for the helmet.

16- For the cane and handle I used Danish Oil ( Natural color). I applied 2 coats and hung them up to dry over night .

17- After they dried I started putting it together . I used two 3/8th dowels that I cut to around 3" long to go all the way through the handle and into the helmet. I glued the dowels into the handle and the helmet. I also spread glue on the bottom of the handle and the top of the helmet and clamped them together overnight to let them dry.

18- After the glue dried and the clamps were removed I sanded down the ends of the dowel and handle to make it smooth. After sanding I spread glue around the tenon on the top of the cane and spread glue inside the mortise in the bottom of the helmet and clamped them overnight and let them dry.

19- After removing the clamps I sanded around the were the cane went into the helmet I hung it outside upside down and sprayed the whole can from top to bottom with clear coat enamel and let it dry overnight.

The guy that bought it was ecstatic about it because of the new movie coming out soon.

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