40k Black Templar

Introduction: 40k Black Templar

this is an advanced way to paint a 40k black templar. with this model it took me about 3 hours to paint so you need an excellent patients and time to burn.

Step 1: Undercoat

in this stage you spray a matte black ( I used chaos black from the citadel paints range).This will act as the main colour of the armor as well which is useful!

Step 2: Colour Range

this step is used for finding the perfect variation for the next step. so you add a black paint which is heavily waterd down and a heavily diluted white on the other side and blend them like I have done.

Step 3: Eyes

with the eyes you put in the red lens and add in the side the small white dot like an explosion in the corner of his eye.

Step 4: Shoulder Pads

with this step you use the coluor line to add a light and shadow affect and add the white paint in the middle part. ( I don't have any transfers so I cant do the templars - sorry!)

Step 5: Gun

on this part, you put on a drybrush on leadbealcher and then add diferent highlights with the colour row you made earlier.

Step 6: Extra Details

withthis you just add in extra bits like purity seals and wires ect

Step 7: Done!

you have your own battle ready black templar. now, to the tabletop!

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    the ultimate smaug
    the ultimate smaug

    6 years ago

    thanks! if you have any requests just leave a comment