Introduction: 4x1 Cheap Load Cell Sensors

First of all sorry for the ladies because today we are going to hack your scales !!

Last time I saw many people hacking bathroom scales to achieve their projects or buying expensive load cell sensors. But the problem is not here, the main problem is that these sensors needs high force to start weighting and also very expensive. So in this instructable I will give the best solution to your problems help you to buy 4 Cheap load cell sensors in one and very easy to hack them in order to complete your projects, so let's started guys.

Step 1: Buy One

If you don't have one here you can buy an Electronic Kitchen Scale

This is an Amazon affiliate. This means I will earn a small commission from each purchase with that link.That has no additional cost to you, but helps me.

Step 2: How to Hack the Kitchen Scale

It's very easy, just follow the steps as shown in the pictures above and you will find 4 load cell sensors

Step 3: Schematic Circuit

For more details I added the schematic circuit of this scale may be can help you.

thank you for you attention, see you soon :)