5 Gallon Bucket Hydroponics

Introduction: 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroponics

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I did this for about 30$ but I already had the pump it's relatively simple to make and works good for indoor planting

Step 1: Things You Need

A 5 gallon bucket (got mine at homedepot)
A lid for the bucket
A pond water pump (or some sort if water pump)
A 4 outlet retrofit drip manifold (also got at Home Depot)
1/4 inch drip line
4 three inch pots with holes in the bottom
And don't forget the most important thing safety glasses

Step 2: The Top Lid

Well with the pots I have I needed to cut it down so it would rest on the edge that was sticking out you don't need to do this if you have a hydroponics pot then draw out the holes for the pots then cut them out

Step 3: The Main Tank

Get your pond water pump and connect it to the adaptor then place it in the middle of the bucket then mark where you want the cord to come out then cut

Step 4: Pump Assemble

Then cut the pipe to the length needed to get it to your plants then mark holes where the pipe will come out then drill holes for pipe then add the pots

Step 5: Finishing

Ad a fill line then pick your growth medium like hydroton or clay I'm using a sponge with dirt over it then plant your seeds in then bring to where your going to grow your plants and fill it it also works better if you have a timer for your pump so you can water your plants without worry

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Tip 4 years ago

Don't use orange buckets when using these in indoor environments. Paint them black or buy black buckets. Enough light passes into the buckets to slow root growth and promote slime growth.


9 years ago on Introduction

A larger hole and a larger pot might solve the issue of larger plants. Great idea and versatile. I've wanted to try hydroponics in the past. I can't wait to put it into action. Good luck.


9 years ago on Introduction

wow this is realy cool and simple intructions. I could make this with my kids .

You got my vote, good luck

After my garden hydroponics failes two years ago I am hesitant to try it again - the dirt-based tomatoes next to mine grew much better than the one in hydroponics - but maybe such a bucket would be a good solution... Thanks for sharing!


9 years ago

Great idea, great for peppers and plants like that. Only problem is a bigger pot would be needed to do tomatoes and such since root balling would be the biggest issue. You could get dwarf plants and those would work fine.