5 Minute Tiramisu (healthy Version)




Introduction: 5 Minute Tiramisu (healthy Version)

I'm using this intro for commercial use...
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Step 1: Ingredients

200g mascarpone
1 banana(riper > sweeter)
amaretto(I used rum for this one and it works, but amaretto is better)
40-60g oats (depending on how much layer you like)
coffee (ssstrrrrrong)
cocoa powder (not in pic)

Step 2: Preparation

Bottom layer
- add some coffee to the oats (careful, not too much: keep it as dry as possible)
- add a teaspoon of mascarpone, a piece of the banana and mix

Top layer
- mash banana, add mascarpone and Amaretto

Step 3: Make Layers. Add Cocoa Powder. Done!

A few hours in the fridge will make the structure nice and strong.
(see pics above: one right after preparing and one after 1-2 hours)

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    4 years ago

    Thx for this I'm definately trying this!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Great, let us know how it worked out! :)