Introduction: 5 Very Cool, New, and Useful Life Hacks That Really Work!

Hello Everyone! Right here I have made/ found 5 new, cool, and useful life hacks that will really amaze you.

Now this is my First Instructable, so please be at least somewhat nice to me. Thanks and Life Hack away!

(P.S. I give credit and thanks for the people who allowed me to copy their pictures and use them in my instructable. Thank You)

Step 1: Perfect Circles

If you have ever wanted to draw perfect circles but can't? Well don't worry.

Put your pinky finger on the paper and spin the paper as you hold the pencil to the paper.

That will get you an instant perfect circle!(FYI, this is the exact same thing a math compass does, except you are able to do it by hand and not tool.)

Step 2: Love Life

Now this one is for you love birds out there that want to take your significant out somewhere to date.

Going to the movies is not a good first date place.

1. You can't talk to your guy/gal

2. There are more theater shootings nowadays

3. After the date, you will have learned nothing about your significant other.

Step 3: Prices, Prices...

Now sorry if this is a little too complicated(hopefully not but) if it is, then you can skip this one.

Now, the average american spends $15 a day eating out/$450 a month.

$600-$750 including drinks.

You can buy a ticket to anywhere in the world. You actually CAN afford to travel, but everyone is just a little too lazy to cook.

Step 4: Junk=Health

Now this is not suppose to mean you can live off of junk food, but this is just when you are trying to lose weight.

A nutrition professor Mark Haub went on a low-calorie diet of strictly twinkies, oreos, and doritos to show that fewer calories is the key to weight loss and not healthy food.

He lost 27 pounds in just 2 months, lowered his bad cholesterol by 20%, and raised his good cholesterol by 20%.

P.S. Now this is NOT a substitute for healthy foods, this is just a way to lose weight a little bit. And you might want to start back on the real food after 3 months or less just to remain nutritioned.

Step 5: Back Remedy

If you sit for the majority of the day, then it is oh so very important to stretch your Quadratus Lumborum(See Picture).

This is the muscle that causes lower back pain.

Thank you everyone for even taking the time to check out my first instructable.

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