$5.00 Insurance Switch Cover (Start/Stop) Q500 4K

Introduction: $5.00 Insurance Switch Cover (Start/Stop) Q500 4K

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Okay I have had my Q500 4K areial photography/ Videography drone for a few days now.

I love the photos and videos and am VERY impressed with this bird!

I did notice though, While reaching to take a photo using the quick control shortcut button on my ST10+ that I hit the stop button by accident.

Now this isn't a big deal considering:

1.) I noticed it quickly!

2.) The start/ stop button must be held for 3 seconds to stop the motors

I worry that next time I won't be so lucky!

Knowing my luck I will accidently press that button and my $1,500.00 Q500 4K will just fall from the sky.

So here is my $5.00 "Insurance" Switch cover.

Step 1: Switch

Grab a switch with a cover from an auto parts store or online.

They sell tons of colors if you so choose.

Remove from the package and open the switch cover.

Remove the hex nut, washer and cover.

Put the washer and hex nut back on the switch. This switch should be saved as it can be used for another project down the road.

A big black cat always helps out if you have one handy as well.

Step 2: Check for Room

Place your switch cover over your button. If yours fits fine move to the last step.

Mine needed some trimming, that's on the next step.

Step 3: Cut , Grind, File

What ever method you choose (I just went with a knife off my multi-tool) remove a tiny bit of material on the switch to make enough room for the button.

Step 4: Servo Tape, Cutting, Trimming, and Presto

I went with servo tape to hold my switch cover on.

You don't need servo tape... Though it's much cheaper and holds stronger than most options out there, resists vibration, getting knocked around, and is easily removed later on down the road if you so choose .

Just cut it to length, trim to fit, cut out the hole, clean the area, peel the strip and press into place.

YOUR DONE! Go fly worry free!

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