Introduction: 555 Timer: Flashing LED

This is an awesome and easy build to make!

Step 1: The Circuit

Ok so the 555 timer is a small 8-pin chip used in a lot of electronics. Here is the layout of the pins

Pin 1- Ground (aka negative or neutral)

Pin 2- Trigger

Pin 3- Output

Pin 4- Reset

Pin 5- Control voltage

Pin 6- Threshold

Pin 7- Discharge

Pin 8- Vcc (aka positive or "hot")

The Schematic is as shown above we will be using potentiometers as resistors but resistors will work just the same.

R1- 1K resistor or "Pot"

R2- 470k resistor or a 500k "Pot"

R3- 1K resistor or "Pot"

C1- 1μF Capacitor (The exact one I am using is 1μF 50volt)

D1- (the LED) I am using a blue one but any color works

555 Timer (I am also using a 8 pin chip IC socket for easy access to replace)

Circuit board (PCB)

Jumper Wires (if you are planning on assembling it first on a breadboard.

9 volt battery

9 volt battery connector

Step 2: Tools

Soldering Iron


Wire Clippers


Step 3: Assembling It on the Breadboard

Pin 1 goes to ground

Pin 2 to 6

Pin 2 to positive side of the "Cap"

Negative side of the Capacitor goes to ground

Pin 3 goes to one side of the 1kΩ Resistor or "Pot"

The other side of the 1kΩ Resistor or "Pot" goes to the positive side of the LED

The negative side of the LED goes to ground

Pin 4 goes to Pin 8

Pin 8 goes to positive

Pin 7 goes to the 1kΩ Resistor or "Pot"

The other side of the 1kΩ Resistor or "Pot" goes to Power or Positive

Pin 7 also goes to another Resistor/"Pot"

It also goes to the 500K Resistor or "Pot" and the other side of the Res/Pot goes to the + side of the "Cap"

Step 4: Your Done!

Congratulations! Leave a like and comment with anything to make it better! Feel free to ask questions in the comment section! Don't forget to vote!