Introduction: 6 Best Ways to Get an Oil Filter Off (Review)

6 Best Ways to Get an Oil Filter Off (Review)

Step 1: Watch the Video

over the years I have found six effective ways of getting oil filters ff now I'm going to share these my least favorite all the way to my favorite number six this is my least favorite so you find the right size and this is actually really critical and it does work but it does slip it slips quite a bit and this is why I don't like it one good thing however about this wrench is that it is compact number five there's a lot of these strap type wrenches and they can be effective they fit they grab but one of the big problems is the handle is so big that it gets in the way of all the other parts of the engine number 4 i'm not proud of it none of us are but we've all done it take the screwdriver the hammer and you tap it out and yes it is effective and it works it's just painful number three I really like this one it does a terrific job sometimes the handle is a little bit big but it really grabs and you can see it crushing this filter so yeah effective number two now we're getting down to my favorites this is really squishy it'll conform to every filter size and it actually because of the rubber it grips I mean it is just like using your hand fits into any of those tight spots and very very 6effective number one this is my favorite it conforms to any size actually welded these on to get it a little bit more grip and you put it on to the filter and every single time this one works you can see this one was on tight