6 Inch Wooden Solo in Carbonite




Introduction: 6 Inch Wooden Solo in Carbonite

For this project we are going to carve out a 3D Han Solo in Carbonite from a piece of scrap wood. Grab some stock material to use with your CNC desktop router. For this project I have a piece of Oak wood from the scrap pile approximately 8"x 8" . This process will go over the basic workflow to create each step as overview as it relates to the machining process from conceptual renders to physical machining

Some Stain will be needed at the end , which can be optional.

Step 1: 3D or CAD Software to Create Your Model

For the first step use your favorite 3D modeling program. I am using 3D Studio Max but you can use any. a Good free one is Fusion 360 make by the same parent company as 3D Studio Max called Autodesk.

There are many tutorials on the web on how to use various 3D modelling applications as mentioned this is an overview of the workflow process I use.

Once I am done I export out the .stl file to import in the CNC software.

Once your model is complete you can start the CAM process to create the toolpaths in the next step.

Step 2: CAM Software to Create Your Tool Paths

I like to use Vectric Aspire, but you can use any software that will be compatable for your CNC machine code.

I import my model or in this case the STL and position in the material stock off center so I can make 2 pieces of the Solo in carbonite.

Some CNC / CAM software will let you import 3D models as well such as Vectric Aspire but I choose to use .stl file method for this project.

Once the tool paths have been created save your machine code to use with your favorite CNC sender on the next step.

Step 3: Carve Your Material

Use your favorite machine code sender. I have recently switched to CNCjs. Very easy to use with a great interface.

Step 4: Clean Up...

Using a small piece of sandpaper or a Dremel clean up any fuzzies or edges etc.

Step 5: Add Some Color

I tried for the first time a Black Poly Shade.....it might be a little to dark for my taste. Oh well I may keep the the other one unfinished for now :) That is it !!!! Enjoy

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