Introduction: 6-Ingredient Pear Cobbler

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Hello everyone! I know I said that I was planning on doing a tiger drawing next, but some of the colored pencils that I needed to finish it are still on their way, so here's a little something to keep you occupied (or would that be occucobblered?).

Note: I wasn't sure whether this fit better under the 'pies' or the 'desserts' category, so right now it's under desserts - just to be on the safe side.

Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils

Only six of them all the way through. No pictures of them this time, though... Sorry.

For the Filling:

15-16 Green D'Anjou Pears

1 1/2 cups of Granulated Sugar

1/8 of a cup of Cinnamon

For the Crumble:

2 cups of Flour

1/2 of a cup of Granulated Sugar

1 cup of Brown Sugar

1/4 of a cup of Water or 1/2 of a stick of Butter (less if you would like a dryer crumble)


A Very Large Frying Pan (Wok)

A 4-Quart Casserole Dish

A Wooden Stirring Spoon

An Oven

A Timer

A Small Mixing Bowl


about 16 people (depending on how big you scoop it).

Step 2: Preparation

If your pears are frozen, thaw them in warm water or in a microwave.

If they are fresh, wash them, peel them, and chop them into wedges. This had been done before I even decided to make the cobbler, so there is only a picture of them thawing...

Either way, don't drain the pears. You need the juice for the filling.

Preheat the oven at 375°f (190°c).

Step 3: Filling

Pour the pears inside the wok. Add the sugar and cinnamon. Put the wok on the stove top and turn the dial (make sure you turn the one for the burner you are using) to medium heat.

Stir the filling until the pears are thoroughly coated. When the filling starts to bubble a little bit, turn up the heat up to medium-high, stirring until the liquid starts a slow boil, then let it simmer for three to five minutes. Remove the filling from the heat, then carefully pour it into the casserole dish.

Step 4: The Crumble

Mix the sugar, brown sugar, half of the flour, and water together in a small mixing bowl until thoroughly blended. Gradually work in the remaining flour. Stir well.

Note: I did this while the filling for the cobbler was cooking, but I do not recommend doing so unless you like fast paced cooking scenarios. The pears can soften pretty quickly! ;D

Step 5: Putting It Together

Crumble the resulting dough between your fingers over the cobbler. Try to spread it somewhat evenly over the filling. The best way I've found to crumble the crumble is to place the crumble between your fingers and rub them together.

Put it in the oven at 375°f (190.6°c) and bake for an hour or until the crumble browns.

When you remove the Cobbler, make sure you use oven mitts or pot holders to keep from getting burnt on the hot glass!

Step 6: Done!

Now you know how to make a pear cobbler. What does it taste like? For those of you who have tried Cracker Barrel's® fried apples, imagine that with pears and in a cobbler. For those of you who haven't, it is sweet with a little bite of spice and tartness.

By the way, keep on reading - we aren't completely done!

Step 7: Pets and Pears Photo Contest

I decided to do this after snapping a few pictures of Sammy with the (unbaked) cobbler. He was eyeing it, just waiting for me to turn my back before he stuck the tip of his tail in it just enough to make the cobbler grow a beard and get his tail sticky!
I thought to myself: "What if there was a whole photo contest with pets staring at tasty-looking dishes... now that would be fun!" So I decided to make up such a contest.

The winner of this contest will receive a free pro membership via this website's private messaging feature, so no information (other than camera info) is required for entering or receiving your prize!

What to do:

Step 1: Make this dish then snap a picture of your pet or a friend's pet with it.
It can be the whole cobbler or just a slice. Any kind of pet qualifies.

Step 2: Post the pic under comments along with the make, model, and brand of the camera you used (this is so I can judge based on quality relative to camera capabilities rather than overall quality). If you edit the picture, also list the program (or programs) used.

Rules and Regulations (MUST READ!):

1. You can submit up to three photos, but I will only select one for the prize.

2. I will not take bribes. If you try to bribe me, you will automatically be disqualified.

3. Nothing inappropriate. Period. Please follow the Instructables 'be nice' policy.

4. Photo editing is allowed, but keep it down to simple retouches (i.e. no changing your pet's fur/scale/skin color or facial expression). If need be, you are allowed to change the background, but if you do so, it must be either to a solid color or blurred out mottling.

5. The deadline is August 20th (on 12:00pm eastern standard time). No entries will be accepted after this date. The winner will be announced by August 23nd (but hopefully sooner).

How it works:

I will choose the winner according to three things: Image Quality, Lighting Quality, and Creativity.

What's at stake:

The first place winner will receive a three-month pro membership code and a patch.

The second and third place winners will also receive patches.

The winning pictures will be put in order in the photo portion of this step.

Have fun, and, as always, keep on makin'!