6 Pack

Introduction: 6 Pack

how to build a 6 pack holder

Step 1: Create a Fusion File

I went on fusion 360 and created a 3d file

Step 2: Cut Boards

had the end boards laser cut into a house sort of shape thats 11 in tall and 5.5 in wide

Step 3: Cut the Bottom Board

cut the bottom board 9 inches long to hold the drinks in and slit it into the notches inside the end boards

Step 4: Handle

found a piece of scrap wood and routered the corners to make it more round and more comfortable to grip

Step 5: Cut the Sides

cut inch wide by 9 inch long pieces of wood to fit and hold the bottles in

Step 6: Laser Engrave

laser engrave the end boards with american flag pledge of allegiance

Step 7: Polly

have all pieces apart and put a coat of polly on it

Step 8: Nail and Screw All Together

after its pollyed you need to put the bottom board in the notches then screw the handle in and nail the side boards on

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