6$ Universal USB Charger

Introduction: 6$ Universal USB Charger

Hi guys,

this is a very simple DIY instruction for a universal USB charger. By universal it is meant, that you can connect batteries, solar panels and other direct current power sources and get a constant 5V power output via USB. The only caveat is, that the power source has to be above 5V. This universal USB charger is very handy as most of todays electronic devices have a USB port for charging. However, you need to spend about 6$ for

  • Voltage regulator with USB port. You can buy it for less than 3$ at Gearbest or Banggood
  • Alligator clip leads. You can buy it for around 3$ at Gearbest or Banggood

Step 1: Connect the Alligator Clip Leads to the Voltage Regulator

  • The voltage regulator has a plus (+) and a minus (-) pole input
  • Solder a black alligator clip lead to the minus pole which is marked with a - symbol.
  • Solder a red alligator clip lead to the plus pole which is marked with a + symbol.
  • If you don't like to solder, buy a voltage regulator which allows you to connect the leads via screws to the board e.g. this one

Step 2: Connect the Alligator Clips to a Power Source

  • Now you can use your universal USB charger by connecting it to a direct current power source which provides more than 5V. You can use for example a 9V battery as shown in the picture or a solar panel as shown in the video.
  • Connect the black alligator clip to the minus pole of your power source
  • Connect the red alligator clip to the plus pole of your power source
  • Now you can plug in your USB charging cable and charge your electronic device!

Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    New phones and tablets need 2 amp power supplies to charge at all (old ones need 1 amp or less). Is this going to provide enough to charge or even prevent discharge while using the phone?