Introduction: 6 Ways to Use Ordinary Items to Hide Valuable Ones

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Hide valuables in basically plain sight.


1-Valueball: ping pong ball, knife, toilet paper roll

2-RC CompARtment: RC car with removable wheel

3-Mini gun safe: foam bullet gun, screwdriver

4-Box Puzzle: a puzzle that you can fit valuables in (and can solve)

5-Clock Box: digital clock, screwdriver,*tape

6-Sticky safe: glue bottle, white paint

*if you want to secure the valuables

Step 1: 1: Valueball

Make a slit in the side of the ping pong ball, large enough for your coins, put in your items, and glue it back together. go to the place where you keep your toilet paper and put it in a roll near the bottom to ensure it is hidden.

Step 2: 2: RC CompARtment

First, remove the tire from the car and put your money inside, then, put the tire back on, make sure you put it on correctly. The car should drive like normal.

Step 3: 3: Gun Safe

You're going to need some foam-bullet guns, or at least one. Carefully unscrew the gun, make sure it's not loaded, place your valuable away from any screws, the spring, or the trigger, then, screw it back together.

Step 4: 4: Box Puzzle

Make sure you can solve a puzzle that you don't think others can solve, put your valuables in the puzzle, and put it back together.

Step 5: 5: Clock Box

Can you spot the hidden safe? The clock! You need to open the clock by unscrewing it, DO NOT touch any of the electronics, now you can tape your valuables to the side, or just place them in there, screw it back together.

Step 6: 6: Sticky Safe

Clean out a glue bottle, squirt in some white paint, shake it. Dump out the rest of the paint, let it dry. Now you can put your valuables inside.

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