Introduction: 6th Grade Sugru Tool Challenge

Objs- SWBAT (students will be able to)

· recall at least 3 out of 5 steps of DT (Empathy/ Define /Ideate /Prototype / Test)

· work independently

· demonstrate a usable prototype

· defend how their prototype meets/overcomes the problem

To do:

Outline of Shaquille O’Neil’s hand

Paper, 5 scissors, pencils, pens, play doh, SUGRU


hand drill

(mixture of hand and handheld powerdrills, at least one tool for each of the 30 students or have students choose a tool on trailer)

3-5 min

Hook- hold up hand outline of Shaquille O’Neil

“Whose hand is this?” How did this help him play basketball? (he could easily hold the basketball)

Have every student trace one hand, cut out, then lay out next to others.

“What do we notice?” (all different sizes)

Hold up basketball, this was SO’s tool (hold up basketball) But on STE(A)M Truck, these are our tools (hold up and turn on hand drill)

2 min Define the problem-

Because all these tools were made for adult and big hands, we need to modify them so youth can more easily, and safely, use them.

5 min Ideate

Take a ball of playdoh and roll into a tube/cylinder/handle. Squeeze lightly. Observe how hand/fingers leave indentations and conform.

Give every student a tool that they will modify. Compare the handles of those tools to the “handles” that were made from play doh. Share out a couple observations (popcorn style)

“now we can’t make tool handles out of playdoh, but we do have an interesting opportunity”

Note: at end lesson have student put play doh away to reuse

2 min- Explain SUGRU. (what it is, uses, ideally show an exemplar of how it has been used)

10-15 minutes Prototype

Have every student find one tool that they would like to modify. Give every student a packet of SUGRU

Use SUGRU to create some quick rapid prototype improvements for making their tool. Have students put their initials in the sugru with a pencil point.

2 min Review/Share

Circle back up and turn and talk to a partner. Have them defend how their design makes their tool easier and safer to use.