$7 Automatic Coffee Grinder (a.k.a. Pistol With Silencer / Recycling Unusable Coffee Hand Mill)

Introduction: $7 Automatic Coffee Grinder (a.k.a. Pistol With Silencer / Recycling Unusable Coffee Hand Mill)

Many people entering the world of the hand-drip coffee agonize what they need to buy. Since existence of automation in a coffee grinder cause you tens of dollars, many of people, including me, buy a hand coffee grinder.

However, you need 'automation' in a certain situation. I experienced grinding coffee beans for an hour, when I have invited 12 friends, and a day after cramps on my arm.

I believe this instruction will save you one day.

Step 1: Preparation

Materials you need

  • hand-mill - should have a cover (you can buy this around $7, I recycled handmill without grip)
  • power drill - lighter or cordless one is better
  • coffee beans (optional)

Step 2: Pull Off Handle of Your Hand-mill (optional - If You Have the Grip)

* I found this hand mill in the storage, looked clean but didn't have its grip; you can't use hand-mill without the grip (a.k.a. recycling). I washed it before the usage :) You can use any of the hand mills if bolt part of it fits on a power drill.

Step 3: Adjust Your Power Drill's Jaw

Step 4: Fit Your Power Drill Into a Hand-mill and Adjust It

You have to tighten jaw to a certain extent that hand-mill will not be removed easily.

Warning: it might look like screwing the silencer onto the pistol :)

Step 5: You Have an Automatic Coffee Grinder (a.k.a. Pistol With Silencer) !!


  • Don't grind too fast; your ceramic/steel blade will lose sharpness or be cranked.
  • Don'taim this to any living organism; this is not a pistol.
  • If your hand-mill doesn't have a cover, you must keep its speed very low.
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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    Nice idea for easily automating grinding coffee :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    yap :) it works great!